Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Love the smell of weddings in the morning

And we're off on our Dream Wedding adventure. Would someone please point my brain in the right direction? This is so exciting and so fun. I've been making appointments with every vendor on our list plus trying to find a few missing ingredients like food, beverages, and hotel rooms for out of town guests. We are meeting with every single vendor on the prize list and filming our time with them.
Pictured left with Henry and me is Ross from CBS 12. He's been with the station since college and has a wonderful sense of humor. We obviously don't have his gift for seeing the right lighting for photos...grin.
On the right is me at the bridal dress shop where I tried on gowns Sunday with my best friend of honor Nanette. I'm going back to the shop later this week to fit the "mini-maids" and we have to submit measurements for my out of town attendant.
My dress choice is a two piece number. The skirt is a trumpet flare long skirt and the top is most likely a sleeveless one with pleating on one side that makes a faux bow. I might go with a portrait collar top instead, but it's not as comfortable. The color will be champagne.
The attendants will wear that new two color style and I can't wait to see those since they are wearing pieces in fuchsia, kiwi green, and tangelo orange...It will look very summer, hot, Florida, festive.....
I see the florist this week and will know more about what we can do for tables, ceremony area, and such. I love these hot colors we're working with--it's just too fun.
We are so grateful for everyone and everything. Our lives are blessed. Joy to you!
Norma Anne

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Oh Scrap!! said...

Thanks for posting pics,it makes me feel like I'm still part of it all,the choice of colors sounds great I can only imagine the scrapbook, i can't wait to see more,hugs,Rosa.