Saturday, July 5, 2008

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Floor Plans

Oh my....

Welcome to adventures in VerChat Wedding festivities.

Henry and I are not changing our names legally--but we have combined portions of our last name to refer to everything from ourselves to our computers and our wedding. Do you think Brad and Angelina will be jealous?
This week we met with more fabulous vendors. I met with the florist who will be using mango calla lilies, antherium, lilies, and a few Gerber daisies in our colors of sunshine, fuchsia, and tangerine. We'll use my collection of vintage crystal and glass decanters along with smaller ones in green for the guest tables. It looks tropical, relaxed, and grown-up. The photo above is of a daisy arrangement I put together for wedding number one. Most of my bottles are different, but they will look very cool like this. The florist is North Palm Beach Flowers, it's a very soothing, lush, store full of creative listeners.
Henry went into to the Tux Shop for a fitting and transformed himself into James Bond...He selected a white dinner jacket with white pleated shirt, black bow tie and black pants. There are advantages to having a bride who isn't wearing white. He's crazy about the look and the floor sample fit him perfectly so he really knows what he's getting.
The favors from a Design Just For You are spectacular. I sent the owner some digital scans of scrapbook designs and she was able to transform them into water bottle labels, candy bar covers, and mint books. They will work beautifully. She has lots of pretty designs in her catalog and we truly appreciate her using our artwork in combination with her clever ideas.
I updated the website to include a wedding counter on the home page and updated the gift registry page too. 29 days to go!
If you're thinking you haven't gotten your invitation, it's because we haven't gotten ours either! As soon as they arrive we'll get them out, I've been working on the labels (bit tacky I know, but we're just too short on time) and I've got the stamps ready to stick.
This is getting way too long and I still haven't talked about the catering or other ideas we had this week. We're trying not to lose sight of living in the moment and appreciating our lives and each other. Henry and I volunteered to dog sit for his boss over the long weekend and you can see the 80-pound love pup pictured above. We already have our two dogs and we live in less than 1000 square feet now, so what's one more? -smile- Levi has been a treat and he's let us know that if he stays any longer we'll have to expand the dogie door.
Joy and blessings-
Norma Anne

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