Monday, July 14, 2008

Moving right along

We’re moving right along and things are falling into place. Here’s where we are now:

They have arrived and they have departed. Whew. Celebrations did a great job with these, but unfortunately the manufacturer had snags that made them arrive late. If you are coming to the wedding, please let us know as soon as possible since we need the count and time’s flying. Thanks!
The photo above shows my messy dining room table after my bridesmaid and neighbor Jennifer and I rushed these out.

Last week I picked the linens which are more Vegas than Martha Stewart—so naturally I love them. They are mango orange crinkled fabric with a shimmer.

Timeline and floor plan:
I worked with the wedding planner and have a better idea of the timeline and placement of things. Our wedding guests will be seated at round tables of 10 for the ceremony and the reception. We’re naming all the tables and that is how we’ll have you sign the guest book (really it’s a scrapbook) and be called to dinner. Only the first two tables are reserved for family and ceremony participants. The rest is open seating. There are no bride and groom sides.

Cake:Photo above is from my visit to the bakery. When you enter Tradition Hall, you’ll come in from the parking lot side and the cake will have a place of prominence in the center of the room. It’s going to be so yummy with all the tropical flavors we’ve selected. Visit Hot 'n Tasty Cakes by linking here:

We have signed an agreement with Café Catering to manage the food and bar services for our wedding. What a relief to get that settled. Shawn, the owner, was wonderful to build a proposal that we could afford including “real plates” for dinner and open bar serving beer, wine, and rum punch. Lynn Barwald, our catering coordinator and precious friend will be making the punch. She invited us into her home to meet the caterer for the tasting since our house is chaos central at the moment. She and Bob helped us ask good questions and sample the food. We’re so pleased. The menu will include appetizers with a bit of a tropical flair, Hawaiian chicken, Caribbean pork, seasoned rice, potatoes, vegetable medley, salad, and rolls. The photos on this post are from our meeting at Lynn and Bob’s house.

Tanya from Palm Beach Photography will be giving us 5 hours of photography services. We will exit the building for photos outside and then return before the end of the cocktail hour. We’ve asked her to take photos by table that will be perfect for the scrapbook. When you hear your table name called make sure you are there for the pictures. All wedding photos will be available online at their website and we are not putting any password there so everyone can come and view them. They should be up 2 weeks after the wedding (it takes that long to airbrush a couple our age you know, grin) and guests can even order prints if they wish.

Dress Alterations:
We did not receive alterations in our package with the dresses. We have a tiny bit left over from the amount allotted (less than $100) that can go to alterations, but according to the quotes we’ve received that won’t be enough. They say it will be about $80.00 per dress. If you know of a trustworthy seamstress in the area, please email me at Every dress needs alterations and the price at the store is just too steep for us. We are going to need a quick turnaround on services too. We have three adults and two children to fit. Thanks!

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