Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ya'll Come Now, Ya Hear?

RSVP or “répondez, s'il vous plait”

Remember when it was patriotic to remove all things French from the language? It makes me wonder why no one went after RSVP. I’m glad it’s okay and I’m even happier that people are doing it. Unless you have called or emailed or agreed to be in the wedding party—we don’t know you’re coming. Please let me know as soon as you know. Email me at

We only had just over a month from winning to wedding so the invitations were marked to call or email with your reply. If you didn’t get an invitation, we only had 100 and they were rushed out—I can almost guarantee we meant to send yours. So please, just RSVP if you want to come to the wedding. You know we’d love to have you. We have discovered a couple that were addressed wrong already, but there are probably more.

Musical Delights

We met with MThree productions last week and Kelly Voice over there was fabulous. She was gracious enough to meet us at night so Sir Henry could attend too. They are doing all the music for ceremony and reception and we’ve picked out some favorite tunes for them to play. I can’t wait to hear “Time in a Bottle” and lots of other great songs that have meaning for us. We picked out a special first dance song that made me cry when I heard it again.

Flowers Finalized

North Palm Beach Flowers contacted me this week with the final flower delivery information. We’re going to be carrying and wearing some lovely blossoms that never would have been possible without this gift. You will be seeing a lot of mango callas like the one pictured above. They match the pretty linens we’re getting from Lulu’s. My Mom and a few other honored attendees will be wearing orchid corsages which I know are going to be gorgeous.

The centerpieces are a combination of fresh stems with my vintage liquor decanters so they speak to us and add beauty to the décor. I love that. We’re so grateful for the volunteers that are creating additional items to go with the decanters and jazz things up a bit on the auxiliary tables. Annette, Lynn, and Brittany are really jumping in everywhere that’s needed to create displays. The glass ornaments filled with sand and other treasures pictured above will be hung from a sand colored display tree on the registration table.

I gotta have Friends

Whenever I thank friends, I’m so worried I’ll leave someone out and when I do leave you out, please forgive me. This wedding would not be possible with out the generous support and assistance of some great people who are working tirelessly to get this all done.

Lynn has splashed right into the punch project with great ideas, she has loaned two more liquor decanters, given us a gift for arrangement displays, volunteered to pick up and transport the cool favors from A Design Just for You, and she’s working on a sweet surprise.

Annette has finished the amazing programs that match the decorations; she’s working on the gift table display, and volunteered to assist the planner with set up. Both these ladies will be arriving earlier, with husbands, to help set up.

Jill is creating the “room kits” for bride, groom, and restrooms. My God-daughter, Brittany, is coming in on Monday to work here on table cards, place cards, signs, displays, shopping, cleaning, hair and make-up, etc.

Paula has become our “seamstress detective” and is working diligently to help us find someone to fix the dresses that haven’t arrived yet….

If it weren’t for Jen the initiations might still be sitting here in the house. She’s always ready to jump in and work. Because she’s next door, she’s been so helpful with last minute jobs and just letting me talk things out.

Sir Henry and I are also so happy to be hearing from friends and family members that we haven’t seen in a while. I truly wish I was better at stopping and savoring each moment, because I’m so happy in my heart with all that’s happening. Thanks to everyone that’s calling and emailing.

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