Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hello from the world of marital bliss. We’ve had such a marvelous experience start to finish-- and we’re just glowing. The dream wedding was just a dream…thanks to so many being so wonderful.

My camera got a bit lost in the shuffle, but we’ll be posting shots as they come in. Please do email me all your “captured moments” since I’ve got a lot of scrapbook to fill—smile. The photographer’s photos will be posted in about 2 weeks and that will be like Christmas all over again I’m sure.

My exceptional God-daughter Brittany came in on the Monday before the wedding, and Henry’s loving and ever-supportive family came in on Friday to stay with us over the weekend. My incredible parents have come back to our home to stay with us until we leave on the cruise, so we’ve still got a house full of love and I may not post as often as I wish, but I will keep going.

You know how you have those friends and family who become wedding obsessed while they’re planning and can’t talk about anything else? Well, brace yourself, because I may just be after-wedding obsessed too! Seriously, we’re working on ways to blog from the cruise…smile.

The photo above from the first camera I could reach today for blogging. It's from the altar during our first kiss as husband and wife. That handsome minister there is my 83-year-old Daddy, Norman Chattin. What a joy to marry the man I love and have my father perform the ceremony.


Anonymous said...

I was only half hoping there would be a blog entry about the wedding but am so happy to read that you are in fact husband and wife!


Oh Scrap!! said...

Congratulations!!! i wish i could been there, i'm sending you good vibes and my best wishes from NYC, hugs to both, Rosa.
BTW i hope to see you at the SDV

Anonymous said...

So excited for you, NA!!! Congratulations!!!