Monday, August 18, 2008

We've docked back at home

Wow, what a wonderful joy and blessing to experience this Dream wedding package. To win such a fabulous wedding (with your incredible help) and then follow that up with a fantasy honeymoon is just so amazing.
We're home now and trying to adjust to our real world lives. I keep feeling a rocking motion and it is a bit disconcerting. Henry, of course, has none of that.
It was so great to see our dogs and our neighbors when we arrived back in West Palm. We wouldn't trade our home for all the cruises in the world, but we sure would jump at the chance to go again!
Several of my pre-cruise investigations led to the topic of food and I must say we did enjoy some great culinary experiences on this trip. The two photos above are of us in the ship's private dining room called Scarlett's. You do pay an extra charge to dine there, but your meal is worth several times what you pay. It's a small private room with all the elegant appointments plus a four-star menu and service. On the first night I had surf and turf (fillet Mignon and lobster) and Henry had Dover Sole. On the second night I had lobster and Henry had fillet Mignon. The dishes were artfully arranged on platters and there were lots of courses and tastes. That lobster just melted in my mouth and didn't even need butter.
Yes, we did gain weight--smile. We averaged about seven pounds each. We also ate heartily and often greedily several times a day in addition to enjoying cocktails like the umbrella drink shown with me in the third photo.
I've got a few more photos and a video to share from the cruise and wedding before I take this blog back to it's original paper art format. I have been collecting lots of good stuff to help document and appreciate all these joys. I'm still journaling my pages every day and thinking of lots of great ways to infuse life with creativity. Thanks again!

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