Monday, August 25, 2008

Scrap Magic

Henry and I were honored to be invited to visit with the Orlando SDV (Scrapbook Dream Vacation) scrappers this weekend. We wanted to personally thank 700 voters for their part in our winning the Dream Wedding.

Nancy Boher, president of SDV, put a notice in her newsletter announcing the contest near the very beginning. We were in third place until her newsletter went out and suddenly we moved into first overnight.

There were those who thought that there couldn’t even be more than one message board for something like scrapbooking. There are still those that dismiss us as “scissor people.” If they could have seen what we saw Saturday night, they wouldn’t feel that way. Nancy put us up in front of all these great people and we told our story again. I cried, they cried, it was beautiful.

We met some others who had picked us up from the Cricut Board, Jen Lowe’s group, Two Peas in a Bucket, and others. We asked them to take back a big thank you to everyone. We are so grateful.

1. Buffy, from Cricut board, who still uses the tag “Scissor People” on her blog.
2. Nancy Boher, the mastermind behind the East Coast’s largest and oldest Scrapbook Getaway company, Scrapbook Dream Vacations with Norma Anne.
3. Video of our visit, when you see this-- you will believe. This is just one of over a dozen events hosted every year by Nancy and Dale.

Vendor Updates

****Check out Hot & Tasty Cakes for their Dream Wedding review including a photo slide show.
If you haven’t picked a baker for the Martha Stewart Wedding contest please consider giving them your vote. I must tell you that our cake was not only gorgeous—it was exactly the design we chose and it was incredibly delicious.

****Many of you have asked about the photos from Palm Beach Photography. They have not gone up yet, but they say they’re coming soon. I’ll let you know when they’re up


Anonymous said...

Hi guys!!! Just wanted to say how great it was to meet both of you at SDV,it was a pleasant surprise to see you there!

Thank you so much for sharing your story and I hope you have many magical years ahead of you!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for a great story, and the links.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful to see you made it by the Orlando SDV!!


Oh Scrap!! said...

Sorry I missed you guys I was there for like 3 hrs only that Saturday, was in Tampa in a crop house and visited the SDV just to see Nancy before coming back to NYC hey there is always a next time, best of luck to you both, hugs, Rosa.