Saturday, August 9, 2008

Video Highlights Aired this Weekend

We were on our way back from dropping my parents off at the airport for their trip back to Virginia when we got pulled over by a police officer. Henry’s registration expired the day before the wedding and he just hadn’t had time to send in the renewal….

The officer was strict but cordial and listened as we explained we’d just gotten married and lost track of the details. Being the chatty folks we are, we mentioned that we really did just get married and that he could see it on CBS-12 TV locally. He brightened immediately and peeked further into the car to see our faces. He then said, “That’s you? I just saw you dancing a waltz this morning.”

We hadn’t even watched the news this morning, but we have been taping all week and our efforts were rewarded with this video. Fortunately, we just got a warning about the registration and not a ticket since we were within the grace period. We’ll take happy endings great and small these days---smile.

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