Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Image Overload--Home from Virginia

Yikes, I'm away for a few days and apparently there were massive technical advancements because I hate to admit that I could forget so much in so little time....I train people constantly to write their blog posts in Word and then copy and paste. Did I do that this time? Of course not. Did I lose a post that took 45 minutes to compose? You bet I did! -growl-

Short synopsis from memory:

  • Loved visiting family and attending reunion. See photo link below for more.

  • Such a funny experience to look around a room full of people at a party, think you know someone, and then realize you know them all from 25 years ago....

  • Indicators were amazing, apparently musical talent holds up as well as college degrees.

  • Publishing two "before" photos that match one "after" photo and then a photo from the band because I loved them. More photos on my web site: http://www.nachattin.com/VAtrip1008.html

  • Also NEW on the homepage--a blog feed is there now for easy viewing. You will still have to come here for archived portions, but the latest posts with active links are there.

  • Coming soon to this very blog: More creative arts and adventures with Norma Anne & Henry. My pups are each nestled against on of my feet as I type. I'm glad I got to go and even happier to be home. I'll be posting topics like invitations, holiday cards, and, of course, more wedding and honeymoon scrapbook pages.

  • There are so many old friends that I connected with or reconnected with and I'm truly grateful. Please email me and stay in touch. I really meant it when I invited you to visit us--we truly love having old friends come and stay a while.

  • From my brother to Bridget and Sharon to Gary and and Charlotte to Dr Bob to the Intrepid Andrew Cain and the others I didn't see (yes, I even mean you and I do remember you), please know that I couldn't walk across the campus without thinking of you and smiling.
  • To Linda Gibson--you are a star in my life dear woman, thanks for getting in touch.
  • Oh, and by the way, I did yell to bring back Jim McGuire, but it's just not the same with only one voice....smile.

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