Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring Fever

I’ve had the best time doing the clearing in my studio and using “found items” to create new items. These found items are from old swaps, left over creations from stamping sessions, projects that just never quite came together, half used sticker sheets, and kit items I never used.

I’ve only scanned a few of the many projects from the last two weeks—but they will be filtering in as the days progress.

After completing the digital Easter layout last weekend I used some paper piecing items from a swap I did back around 2000 combined with digital titles and photographs placed on five (or more) year old paper. What a feeling of accomplishment to combine all that older stuff with photos taken three days prior.

I began this journey with goals. I will clear my studio and ramp up my creative process by working my way with the hope that this process will generate more finished items than ever before. I want to get back to pleasing myself instead of working within the confines of what appeals most to the industry and today’s latest technique or trend.

I thought I would be coming up with all kinds of fabulous new approaches to projects that reflected this great insight. I have done some fun and different projects but I’m finding almost as much gratification just from using up all these tidbits in combination with some newer techniques. Cliché as it sounds; it feels like “old school meets new school.” I’ll work on coming up with a more catchy name as I go along.

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