Tuesday, April 28, 2009

There but by the

grace of God and the love of scrapbooking go I. On Saturday I attended a crop and had a fabulous time. I met three new friends and was reminded of how I knew most of the other women there who were also my friends.

In richness and in richness
I made friends in South Florida before we ever moved here six years ago because I taught scrapbook workshops in the area. These women are still my friends today. I moved away from a dozen more friends in Virginia that all came into my life because of scrapbooking. I still catch up with these out of state friends when I go back to visit and even smiled at a couple of them as I walked down the aisle during my wedding last August.

And speaking of my wedding, we wouldn’t have won our dream wedding if it hadn’t been for the thousands of scrappers all over the world who faithfully voted for us last summer. The generosity and dedication of women I’ve never even met still overwhelms me.

In all kinds of weather
Then there was the time that I fled West Palm Beach just ahead of a hurricane and traveled across the state to stay in the home of a generous scrapbook friend that I had met only one time when I taught a workshop in Orlando.

I have traveled all over the country because of scrapbooking; I have attended all the major trade shows as a designer and instructor. I have laughed and cried through my own life and the lives of others. I have healed. I have learned. I have grown.

The next generation-about these layouts
The pages today are another result of getting by with a little help from my friends. Just when I thought I would be perpetually behind on the pages documenting my grandson’s first year—I received a generous gift from Annette. She had all these pre-done pages she’d prepared for her Club Scrap business that she gave to me for Christmas. So while they might not scream of my style, they are most definitely a work of love and of friendship.

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