Monday, March 19, 2012

Card Making with DCV

The fairy here is from a set of "Wallies" also purchased at JoAnn's.
As we've discussed before, when you stop buying new 'things" for the studio, you begin to discover the joy of what you already have in stock. My local JoAnn's store keeps a great inventory of DCV products including paper pads of all sizes and note cards with envelopes. I suspect they keep the regular price a little high just so they can mark them half price every month. Seriously, every single month they put the paper pads and usually the other products from this line on sale.

I bought a boxed set of print cards in 2011 and finally got around to designing fronts for them. I'm going to feature them over a few posts since I don't have the tutorial page up on the web site yet. Enjoy!

The entire box of cards are black and white prints. These left over embellishments
have been hanging out in my studio for years (as in 5 or more years).

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