Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Time flies

Seriously, I missed posting for an entire month? Just assume if I'm not posting that I'm off having too much fun. Life is good.

Setting up a series of posts today to give me some air time in March.

2012 Digi-Scrap projects

I've been creating at least 3 new Digi Scrap designs every month this year with the goal of continuing this process. I'm using the prototypes and extras in my visual art journal too.

Here's one of the January entries that I created with a kit from Crow-About-Studios at Deviant Scraps. The kit is called "She's a Doll"

I've become a big fan of downloading photos from the Facebook pages of my friends and family. This is a photo taken from my niece Kate's album. Kate is my heart and her daughter Hailee is my heart's delight.

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