Monday, March 25, 2013

ATC Cards for 7 days of Holy Week

This week is the holiest time in the Christian church. It’s also the Passover celebration in the Jewish faith. Jesus was in Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover and that is where our Christian communion celebration originates. It is during this week that he was crucified and rose from the dead. (Just a short little “reason for the season” note for you).
This is not an ATC card but one I made from
the painted paper that my grand kids made I
just doodled and cut this big eyed bunny who
rests happily on a 5" by 7" card.

Celebrate holy week and the last week of Lent with me this week as I prepare the seven ATCs of Easter.  These cards are all assembled from the spring/Easter ATCs that I have made recently.  As you may have read, I am unable to escape the calling to create ATCs lately. I like to put the little 3.5” by 2.5” treasures to work after I make them so that’s why I mounted them all on cards. Some are removable and some are not—but they got their start as ATCs.   

Tendinitis in my wrist, hand, and thumb that occurred after these were made prevents me from typing lots of detail and instructions. Post a question below any day's design if you want to know a product or technique. I invite you to just celebrate and enjoy.


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PEACHES said...

Aww, I like him! I love Easter bunnies that look like something other than typical bunny/fluffy/white. You know? Bunnies deserve some edge!