Monday, March 11, 2013

Direct from Dropbox--journal snippets

In March, I started some doodling projects
I've been working with a book Sir Henry
 got me for Christmas called Creative
doodling byStefannie Corfee. This is my
grand-daughter's little foot on paint day.
I am the first to admit that my blog photos are not high on the technique and quality scale. I don't use my blog to make money, I don't update on a regular schedule, and I'd rather make art than photograph art.

I have a new smart phone (apparently smarter than the last one) that takes photos on a 3gig camera. That's the same size as our first digital camers which weighed 6 pounds back in 2003. I figure it will do and as Lorretta Lynn says, "I have never been afraid to make do."

Today I am experimenting with taking photos directly from dropbox downloads off my cell phone and not editing them in any way. For a woman who loves her PhotoShop this is a tricky task.

So, here are a few more journal snippets from 2013:
I've been studying faces by other artists
to develop my own face skills with my
journal doodle dollies.

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