Friday, February 14, 2014

Go Raw

Here's one of my raw food smoothies made
with my new super bullet that Sir Henry
got me for Christmas--there's kale in there :)

Today’s Slipper Camp Workout--Workout # 7

 Eat one whole, raw food. We have all heard that eating less processed food is better for us. Start today and eat one thing that is not processed in any way.

Bonus: Try a raw food smoothie at the store or homemade

·         Try one piece of fruit, four baby carrots, or a single slice of tomato.

·         Eat your one thing completely by itself—no salt, no dressing, nothing but one whole food.

·         Visualize your body saying thank you.


Slipper Camp: A kinder, gentler boot camp designed to assist you in living well.

Camp Motto: Being kind to yourself makes you strong.

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