Friday, February 28, 2014

Watch Where You're Going

Today’s Slipper Camp Workout--Workout 8
While you watch where you're going, hold your stun
device and your alarm or pepper spray in your hand.

Every time you exit a door to the outside—pay attention.


·         Look around you and note if there are other people lurking or on their way somewhere as well. Look around your car before you unlock the door.

·         Don’t remote unlock until you are within opening distance of the door.

·         Remember where you parked.

·         Note the proximity of any windowless vans.

·         Look people in the face and nod or smile. Review how you would describe them to someone else.


Slipper Camp: A kinder, gentler boot camp designed to assist you in living well.

Camp Motto: Being kind to yourself makes you strong.

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