Saturday, March 8, 2014

The case of the missing photos...

I adore the BBC Sherlock. Season 3 just started.
I like how the episodes run about 2 hours--like a
I can't seem to locate the photos on my blog posts from January 2013 all the way back to 2007. Perhaps someone with more understanding of Blogger could help me out here?

What I know is that the vast majority of my photos have always been uploaded from my computer. These seem to comprise all the missing photos.

I drew/doodled this! I'm very excited. I was inspired by a
 design on Pinterest, but still, I love it.

Only lately have I been using photos directly from my phone without editing.

Since we're talking mysteries here...I recently joined an ATC swap group that will feature a different European city as the theme every month. February was London for the theme and embossing for the technique.

Here's the mystery part---I made two of my ATCs with Sherlock Holmes images.

Now please, someone, anyone? Even Ferris Buhler--please help me solve the mystery of disappearing photos. THANKS.

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