Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Slipper Camp Exercise One

Slipper Camp: A kinder, gentler boot camp designed to assist you in living well.


Camp Motto: Being kind to yourself makes you strong.

Instead of target practice and rope climbing we will educate, equip, and empower ourselves through a series of mini-workouts focusing on mind, body, and spirit. 

Today’s workout: Determine your core values.

 Many people believe you need to start a new year with resolutions and goals. We often approach these with stringent and tough tasks that focus on the physical aspects of our lives. Your assignment today:

List the three most important aspects of your life. What do you value most?
List no more or no less than three. Write them down or type them out, and make sure they are visible to you.

You may add or subtract from them for the next week. Once you have confirmed the exact three items, congratulate yourself. These are your core values. Ask yourself how your current goals and actions reflect your values. If they aren’t in line, change your goals and actions, not your values.


Mary’s goals for the New Year were to lose 25 pounds, and workout three times per week. Mary’s three most important values were her family, her health, and her career. If Mary works her goal to lose 25 pounds she will be contributing to her physical health. Her mental health and her spirit also are vital to well-being and health. Mary changed her goals to include reading from a self-help book every week, setting up a family dinner and no TV night, and taking on an extra project at work to promote her value with her employer.

Today’s Task: Determine your core values. Begin repeating them to yourself every day. Move your actions and goals in line with your values.

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