Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Mixing it UP a bit

Sir Henry and I have taken on a new saying here at the Taj Mahal in the trailer park. "2014 is the year of....." We've filled in the blank with everything from paying off my medical bills to modest portions, to releasing clutter and remodeling the living room.

We don't think of these as resolutions as much as we consider them goals. We love it.

My small art-big impact wish for you today :)
Original artwork ATC copyright nachattin 2014

I've started some personal "2014 is the year of...." and wanted to share them here (some you have already seen, but now they are all in one place).

2014 is my year of.... (in no particular order since they all matter)
  • whole life living
  • value driven lifestyle (faith, family, calling)
  • back to living debt free
  • back to a more comfortable and healthy clothing size
  • self-defense mission rolled into my calling
  • spending no more than $20.00 per month on immediately consumable art supplies (like glue, ink refills, etc.) with the exception of crop fees
  • smoothie making
  • small art with big impact (ATCs, tiny canvas, small altered items, even tiny cards)
  • my first experience with Project Life style scrapbooking ( I haven't scrapped traditional style since 2008)
  • increased internet presence and (subtle yet consistent) affiliation marketing
  • reminding myself that "It's that Easy" (including consistency :)
  • renewed commitment to the release and receive standard
  • keeping it simple and focused
Based on these goals, I commit myself to using this blog for art as well as whole life living topics. After all, I am by my own definition:

"The Artful Tourist---Norma Anne Chattin, one who moves in delightful observation living like she is on vacation in a world of colors, textures, scents, and tastes. I am not afraid to ask directions and willing to talk to strangers. I share, I create, and I make friends easily with fellow travelers."

Expect more posts and greater variety of posts which are inclusive of my goals. I look forward to your comments and subscriptions (which I've never really promoted before but I have decided to increase my internet presence).

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