Monday, February 18, 2008

Invitation Decisions

Oh no, am I becoming one of those obsessed and helpless brides? Really, I don't think I'm that bad---but I just love the paper parts so much I can't decide. Please visit my web page on Sunset Invitations and click on the guest book to put in your opinon on which invitation is best for us. We're getting married at sunset on the water and it's a very casual affair.

I'll look forward to knowing what you think!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Jumping back in

I spent much of January agonizing that I haven't posted on the blog or updated the web site...

I've got to start somewhere. Today we were invited to a birthday party--tonight. It's just a neighborhood thing so it's not like we have to do a lot to prepare....But it's a great time for me to just go make a card. Here's Jack's birthday card, a 10 minute special that was really fun to do.

There are two new galleries on the web site. The Winter 2008 gallery is about freshness and the other new gallery is devoted to hybrid (digital with traditional) scrapping. They hybrid gallery is not linked to anything else on the web site yet, so blog readers are getting a first peak.

I've been agonizing over my wedding invitations for a couple weeks now. We changed the color scheme after I finalized a design, so I'm starting over. I am going to need help deciding again, so perhaps I'll post the samples.

I've been busy with work for the tutoring company, doing some moving, hauling, and sorting for my Mom and our upcoming yard sale, plus making some "upgrades" to my healthcare regime. I'm taking a Photoshop Class and doing more digital scrapping.

Life is abundant, life is grand, and I am grateful.