Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Video Gratitude

Our Internet is alive and well after being struck by lightening on Monday! Here's my attempt at uploading the video to my blog. I'm new at this so I hope it works... If not, you can view it on Google's site by following this link.
We wanted to invite you all into our home for us to say thanks and this seemed the best way. I know we left people out, there are so many great folks and groups and we did 4 takes so we thought things went in that didn't. In addition to those listed we wanted to thank "Team Norma" at The, Laurie, Pam, Calvin, Jodi, Cheryl, Kim in Iowa, Two Peas Message board for all the great threads there, Scrap In Style TV,, and everyone else who entered digits and clicked vote

We spoke with so many people who said they felt like they won too---you did, you did! Stay tuned for more videos, photos, and a link to the photographer's site after the wedding. THANKS!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Winner Confirmed

This is Norma Anne's friend Lynn. I'm writing to you because Norma Anne's internet has been down since 12:30 this afternoon. The TV station called and confirmed them as the winners today. YIPPEE!!!!!

The wedding date is August 3rd. Details to follow from Norma Anne.

Thanks to everyone again.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

No word yet....

We are waiting for confirmation of the vote tally from Channel 12 and trying to say thank you and catch up on all the things we missed because they couldn't be done during 12-minute intervals last week. -wry smile--

We were thrilled Friday night to be invited over to Annette and Bill's for a delicious dinner. Many of you scrappers and artists will recognize Miz Dragon if not from her photo then from her work or from her message board presence as TichWolli (sorry if I spelled that wrong) on the Club Scrap and numerous other artists' boards.

I've been able to talk or PM several other dear and precious friends like Lynn, Kim, Jill, and Carmen over the past 36 hours too and it's so funny not to interrupt our visits with voting chimes.

Henry and I have already accepted Nancy's invitation to visit the upcoming Orlando Scrapbook Dream Vacation event this year too. I'm wondering how long it will take to hug 1000 scrappers....We'll do our best. I know one thing, I still get goosebumps at the thought of walking into a 700 seat ballroom filled with those who love what I love too.

Our families from Virginia and far reaching areas have been so grand too. Co-workers of the current and former persuasion have all contributed to this rush of giddiness. We're still working on a video or series of videos, but we want to figure out what's up with the station too. Plus between work and contests and phone calls Sir Henry and I haven't been able to have more than a few moments alone together. It will all work out.

On a sadder note, I have lost two uncles in two days and my father has lost two dear brothers. We're still reeling at how it all happened so quickly. Yes, they were older and yes they had had health problems but it is still never easy to grieve. Henry called my Daddy tonight after working all day and I got all teary again just hearing his caring concern for my family. It's a corny refrain, but still so true: No one ever truly dies if they are alive in our hearts.

Blessings and Peace to you all

Norma Anne

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We're so honored by the massive support we've received in this contest.

Today I'm walking around (in between voting when the 12 minute timer goes off) just awed by the outpouring of love and support you're giving us.
Check out the comments under yesterday's post to see folks from all over just voting away.

I posted a photo with timely significance and a note from Henry today. The note was written on the back of his senor class portrait in fall 1974. It's just so dear and such wonderful words for a 17 year-old-boy to write.

The bathing suit photo is significant because in June of 1975 my parents took Henry with our family to annual conference of the United Methodist Church in Virginia Beach Virginia. My Daddy served as a UM minister for 40 years and these June trips to annual conference were also our family vacations for the year. Never before and never since did they allow us to bring anyone on those trips. Henry was always their favorite.

I'm getting to the significance, I promise...My 83 year old father and 80 year old mother just called me from this year's annual conference in Roanoke Virginia. Some things change, and some things stay the same. They go even though Daddy is long retired. While they didn't do an announcement to all 8000 delegates, they did drum up a lot of votes from people that know us and love our story.

On the drive home they stopped to visit family in Danville Virginia where they grew up. There they picked up more votes--I have have huge extended family and 80% of them live in Danville.
I am so grateful for the Chattin and Burnett clans. (both sides of my family are of Scottish heritage)

Henry and I will never forget the love from every corner of the world that has surfaced from this contest. I means so much to us. We wish we could go on a grand tour to every location with voters and give out great big hugs.

Oh, and the other significant parts of the bathing suit photo--My Mom made that bikini I'm wearing along with all my clothes growing up--creativity (and thrifty practices) run in my genes....Plus it is the only way you could ever see me in a bikini again! This 46 year-old bride-to-be has adopted the swim dress approach--but I'll still jump in the pool!
Love and Peace,
Norma Anne

Monday, June 16, 2008

cbs12 dream wedding contest--please vote

Oh my this is more of a roller coaster ride than I ever imagined. We pulled out to as much as a 2000 vote lead over the weekend and now we are back in second place. I stayed up until 3 am last night and watched it happen...sigh. We are not giving up--the contest isn't over until June 20th. Please take a few moments (every 12 minutes would be ideal-grin) to vote again and again. We'd also appreciate if you post links on any bulletin boards or lists that you use. If you can vote from work--we won't tell.

Thanks again for all your support. Wow, we are awed and honored to have collected over 17,000 votes by Monday morning. If you lose the link, or are in the grocery store making an announcement on the PA just direct others to or to my website where there's a link at

Our appreciation is monumental. Blessings to you!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

We need your VOTE for a Dream Wedding

We're so happy and honored to be chosen as one of 12 finalist couples in the CBS-12 Dream Wedding Contest. We need online votes to win and as of today we're in third place so we need LOTS of online votes. You can vote again every 2 hours. So, VOTE NOW and VOTE often with our sincere appreciation.
Interesting tidbit, Henry, the resident computer expert, checked GOOGLE and saw that although we're currently in third place for votes, our vote page has more hits than any other contestant. I'm not sure how that happens unless we have eager folks trying to vote before the two hour limit.
HUGS and HUGE thanks to everyone that is voting now. Keep up the great work!