Friday, May 29, 2020

Sending a hug in the mail

I ordered the large and small daisy punches
from Stampin" Up.  Now I'm putting flowers
on everything. 

I'm back on mission. Sending cards to family and friends has been a mission of mine for years, however, I slacked off in 2018. I went down to holidays, some birthdays, sympathy and thank you notes (some handmade some on stationary--Mamma always said a thank you  note cannot be neglected).

I have continued to make some cards, But I've also made quite a bit of art for gallery sales and for workshops. Bottom line on the cards--I stopped mailing them. Current events have led to more time in the studio.

For mother's day I got a boatload of supplies from Stampin' Up. I ordered so many that it made sense to sign up as a hobbyist demonstrator. So for the next 140 days I'm a Stampin' Up demonstrator. Here's the link to shop on my demonstrator page if you are so inclined...

Thursday, May 21, 2020

"Froggie Went a Courtin' "

Just a little hello by Norma Anne Chattin 2020
This card made me smile all day. It has even inspired me to--gasp--make another one almost like it.

I have a hard time making things just alike. But this one may appear again, it's just too fun.

Stamp: Tutu Toad by Stampendous
Stamp: Artisan Textures by Stampin' Up
Stamp: Itty Bitty Greetings by Stampin' Up
Banner Punch: Stampin' Up

Techniques: Watercolor pencils, background stamping, Inked edges, and not visible but very cool: Image coated with mono liquid AQUA glue(tm) to stand out on card.

You can get the Stampin' Up products online and if you so desire, order them from my demonstrator page:

*Side note: Anyone remember the song "Froggie Went a Courtin'" by Burl Ives? Sir Henry had never heard of it, but it's a fond memory from my childhood. Here's his version:  He plays a great guitar with it.
Kermit also dd a version...

Monday, May 18, 2020

Finally, original art returns

"Finally Frannie" by
Norma Anne Chattin
copyright 2020
I couldn't get myself motivated for  South Florida exhibit, the gallery closed, my Mom needed extra attention, my Mom died...I stopped making original art.

It took "shelter at home " to reignite my art. I began by using collage techniques with rubber stamps, recycling previous pieces, and finally moved to the originals you see today.
"May you shine" original art
by Norma Anne Chattin,
 copyright 2020

Rubber stamped art
designed by
NACChattin 2020

"Color My World," original art by
 Norma Anne Chattin, copyright 2020

Thursday, May 14, 2020

More designed art

Here's a post from my phone of recent cards using a variety of products. These are all using a Laurel Burch Stamp I purchased locally from Every Thing Scrapbooks & Stamps.

I used a variety of backgrounds including dye inks, print paper, tempera paint crayons, Marvy Markers, and even a bit of white-out.

Sunday, May 3, 2020

Stop me before I pin(terest) again

My Palm Tree Dreams card (shown with C-19 nails-frown), I
 was inspired to use this layout and ink-blended background
by watching YouTube video from Zindorf Stamps:

I rarely post my designed art, which is the art I make from the vast array of awesome products available in the world today. My reasoning is:
1. I don't wish to take the time to carefully photograph items when I could be making more stuff.
2. There are so many incredible photographs of beautifully made items similar to what I am designing that already exist online.

I find and save my favorite designed and original art pieces on Pinterest(tm). Here's a link to my Pinterest hub: There are very very few of my own designs there because I'd rather go make them and teach them as opposed to taking photographs...remember that part?

My You Tube channel also has some (OK, a ton) of videos categorized by topic into playlists. I think you can click here for my channel or you may just have to search Chattin and find it. Keep in mind, the treasure is not within the few videos I uploaded but in the playlists.

I contend that when we want to know more about a person or fall in love with someone or when someone has left our orbit, we can find insight into that person simply by following them on Pinterest or checking their saved videos on YouTube(tm). Yes, of course you could troll their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, but that's so obvious.  Look beyond what someone is posting of their own work, service, or product and peer closer into what they actually save--it's fun.

More recently created cards I designed: 
Dogwood Shimmer

Blue Palm

Sunny Flamingos