Monday, August 31, 2020

Creative Prompts (more prompts for fun

I've created the new prompt list for September 2020. While I will be creating cards with my friends that relate to these prompts I may also use them in my art journal or just topics to consider on my walk. Join us and please share your work on my Facebook page:

 September Prompts
[ ] 9.1 Turquoise and sand
[ ] 9.2 Coruscate: to reflect vibrantly, to sparkle
[ ] 9.3 food
[ ] 9.4 Oh my stars
[ ] 9.5 Too funny
[ ] 9.6 The 1-2 punch
[ ] 9.7 Friendship
[ ] 9.8 Bad habits
[ ] 9.9 Fun fold
[ ] 9.10 Manly
[ ] 9.11 Patrotic
[ ] 9.12 Sunshine
[ ] 9.13 Butterflies
[ ] 9.14 Have you got a wild hair?--today is your choice
[ ] 9.15 Zoo
[ ] 9.16 Just 2 layers
[ ] 9.17 Europe
[ ] 9.18 Rainbow
[ ] 9.19 Dance
[ ] 9.20 Circle
[ ] 9.21 Love, love, love
[ ] 9.22 Dogs or cats or both if it's raining haha
[ ] 9 23 Flower arrangement
[ ] 9.24 Weave
[ ] 9.25 Hello
[ ] 9.26 Glitter
[ ] 9.27 lumpy bumpy, you're going to need a cardboard protector and extra postage for this one
[ ] 9.28 Evening
[ ] 9.29 Halloween
[ ] 9.30 White on white

Portrait prom

The card at left is from the August prompt "portrait." I painted/drew a face from my cousins collectiom. "Cousin Elsa will always have Paris."

The card below is for the sympathy prompt in August.

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Floppy Diskette Ornaments--worth a second look

Ornaments are not just for holidays or trees. Take a peek at this tutorial I did 10 years ago and get make some "old fashioned" fun with floppy diskettes (yes you can order them on Amazon if you threw yours away).

These would be a fun gift to make any time of year, expecially in 2020 when we can make wise cracks like, "thinking back to olden times..." or "wish this virus would go the way of the floppy diskette."  Keep thinking, you'll come up with more.

Here are the ones from the video--they are still hanging happily in my studio today.

And for those (including myself) who like to have the printed instructions:

Floppy Diskette ornaments—“Old School” Tech hanging photo


Create a photo ornament from a floppy diskette and share the love while "giving green."


Supplies for this project:

Old floppy diskettes—all colors work well

Paper binder clips—the old style with a hole on the top makes a great hanger

Paper clips of various sizes—the colored ones jazz it up

Paper cutter or scissors and ruler

Photos that can be cut to 3” by 3”

Embellishments—get creative and use what you have. Items used in sample:

Ribbon scraps, beads, charms, Scrabble™ letters, label maker, colored safety pins, jump rings, permanent markers and stickers.



1. Trim 2 photos to 3" square


2. Use office clip to attach photos on either side of the diskette—the same clip holds photo on both sides.           You can glue the photo down with strong dry adhesive like double stick tape or glue dots if desired


3. Embellish with ribbon, words, wire, gem stones, stickers, safety pins, charms, etc. There really are no rules but these designer notes may inspire you:


Avoid adding symmetrical embellishments, asymmetrical is always more pleasing to the eye.

Utilize the different holes on the diskette for hanging charms or tying ribbon.

Add one embellishment directly on the photo.

Use label maker or sticker to add one appropriate word as accent element

Trace a marker around the edge of the photo for a more finished look

Limit your color scheme to 3 colors or monochromatic


4. Bend a paper clip into the binder clip to serve as a hanger for ornament


Enjoy your surplus items and employ your imagination for lots of other great variations on this design.



-Use a black diskette for color photos and a colored diskette for black and white photos

-Create at least one of these every time you finish a scrapbook layout while you still have the extra photos, papers, and embellishments lying around

-Thread a ribbon hanger through the hole and use flush style binder clip for attaching the photo

-Embellish further with sparkling glitter or mica powders


Related projects:

1. Put a magnet on the back and store/display on metal file cabinet

2. Create a series on red and green diskettes for a holiday tree--add to the effect with cassette tape “ribbon” garlands, and snowflakes from internal computer parts. Glue letters from old keyboards together for additional ornaments

3. Use a lower profile clip and secure diskette to a scrapbook page or greeting card

4. String three together for a hanging photo mobile

5. Replace photos with stamped images or recycled greeting cards

Monday, August 17, 2020

Pandemic Projects Anyone?

July was Christmas in July for me as I created more Christmas cards then I will ever need to send this year (even with the expanded list I have prepared). 

I used some of the techniques I've learned in my new online art workshops presented by Amanda Evanston. For cards I painted watercolor paper with abstract florals. After they dried (tick, tock, tick tock) I cut the paper to make designs for the front of our cards. 

Friday, August 14, 2020

Prompted for Fun

 My friends Eddy and Lynn invited me to join their card prompt group. Every day there is a one or two word prompt and we create a card with that prompt and then text a photo of it to each other.

Here are a few of my recent entries:

1.  Prompt was music

2A and 2B. The washi tape prompt put me on a roll and I made these two plus 3 more which was great since I hadn't used my washi stash in a long time... The circles on the pear card are made by taping multiple strips of washi to cardstock and then punching out the 
circles. Thank you Pinterest for that reminder.

3. The hot air balloon card was for the wind prompt

4A and 4B. These are for the yellow-orange prompt which is one of my favorite color combos so I made a total of 6 for this one...

5. The Alice card is one of two that I made for the prompt grid. My other one is more grid-like but it's currently MIA.
6. The peacful pink bird is for the watermark prompt

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Family is everywhere

I've been participating with an online art subscription workshop called Insider's studio with the incredible Amanda Evanston. It's been such a soul soaring creative renewal for me. We have a workshop every Tuesday and a Facebook group to see the units, get encouraging videos, and enjoy sharing our work with the other participants. #insidersstudio

Unfortunately, I can't suggest you join right away because the workshop is closed to new members until next month.

I will, however, happily share the art I am creating here and on the web site. I plan on doing online sales this fall. This is my only option now that the galleries are closed and my workshops are not possible for me. The great news it that it won't be hard to get inventory--my art is gushing out of the studio and I am so happy.

Now about that Insider Studio and family...I've been following Amanda on Instagram for a few years. Check her out  Following her is how I learned of the Insider Studio. 

Amanda is Aunt Peaches! I feel like I just did one of those family DNA tests and found out I'm related to a movie star! I can't believe I hadn't figured that out before today. 

I am grateful for all gifts from my Creator and today, I'm grateful for Aunt Peaches.

These birds are the results from her "Disco Chicken" workshop. I call them my absurd birds.

Friday, May 29, 2020

Sending a hug in the mail

I ordered the large and small daisy punches
from Stampin" Up.  Now I'm putting flowers
on everything. 

I'm back on mission. Sending cards to family and friends has been a mission of mine for years, however, I slacked off in 2018. I went down to holidays, some birthdays, sympathy and thank you notes (some handmade some on stationary--Mamma always said a thank you  note cannot be neglected).

I have continued to make some cards, But I've also made quite a bit of art for gallery sales and for workshops. Bottom line on the cards--I stopped mailing them. Current events have led to more time in the studio.

For mother's day I got a boatload of supplies from Stampin' Up. I ordered so many that it made sense to sign up as a hobbyist demonstrator. So for the next 140 days I'm a Stampin' Up demonstrator. Here's the link to shop on my demonstrator page if you are so inclined...

Thursday, May 21, 2020

"Froggie Went a Courtin' "

Just a little hello by Norma Anne Chattin 2020
This card made me smile all day. It has even inspired me to--gasp--make another one almost like it.

I have a hard time making things just alike. But this one may appear again, it's just too fun.

Stamp: Tutu Toad by Stampendous
Stamp: Artisan Textures by Stampin' Up
Stamp: Itty Bitty Greetings by Stampin' Up
Banner Punch: Stampin' Up

Techniques: Watercolor pencils, background stamping, Inked edges, and not visible but very cool: Image coated with mono liquid AQUA glue(tm) to stand out on card.

You can get the Stampin' Up products online and if you so desire, order them from my demonstrator page:

*Side note: Anyone remember the song "Froggie Went a Courtin'" by Burl Ives? Sir Henry had never heard of it, but it's a fond memory from my childhood. Here's his version:  He plays a great guitar with it.
Kermit also dd a version...

Monday, May 18, 2020

Finally, original art returns

"Finally Frannie" by
Norma Anne Chattin
copyright 2020
I couldn't get myself motivated for  South Florida exhibit, the gallery closed, my Mom needed extra attention, my Mom died...I stopped making original art.

It took "shelter at home " to reignite my art. I began by using collage techniques with rubber stamps, recycling previous pieces, and finally moved to the originals you see today.
"May you shine" original art
by Norma Anne Chattin,
 copyright 2020

Rubber stamped art
designed by
NACChattin 2020

"Color My World," original art by
 Norma Anne Chattin, copyright 2020

Thursday, May 14, 2020

More designed art

Here's a post from my phone of recent cards using a variety of products. These are all using a Laurel Burch Stamp I purchased locally from Every Thing Scrapbooks & Stamps.

I used a variety of backgrounds including dye inks, print paper, tempera paint crayons, Marvy Markers, and even a bit of white-out.

Sunday, May 3, 2020

Stop me before I pin(terest) again

My Palm Tree Dreams card (shown with C-19 nails-frown), I
 was inspired to use this layout and ink-blended background
by watching YouTube video from Zindorf Stamps:

I rarely post my designed art, which is the art I make from the vast array of awesome products available in the world today. My reasoning is:
1. I don't wish to take the time to carefully photograph items when I could be making more stuff.
2. There are so many incredible photographs of beautifully made items similar to what I am designing that already exist online.

I find and save my favorite designed and original art pieces on Pinterest(tm). Here's a link to my Pinterest hub: There are very very few of my own designs there because I'd rather go make them and teach them as opposed to taking photographs...remember that part?

My You Tube channel also has some (OK, a ton) of videos categorized by topic into playlists. I think you can click here for my channel or you may just have to search Chattin and find it. Keep in mind, the treasure is not within the few videos I uploaded but in the playlists.

I contend that when we want to know more about a person or fall in love with someone or when someone has left our orbit, we can find insight into that person simply by following them on Pinterest or checking their saved videos on YouTube(tm). Yes, of course you could troll their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, but that's so obvious.  Look beyond what someone is posting of their own work, service, or product and peer closer into what they actually save--it's fun.

More recently created cards I designed: 
Dogwood Shimmer

Blue Palm

Sunny Flamingos

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

This would be a good time

This would be a good time to…
  • Clean out the storage shed
  • Spend more time in the studio
  • Make cards
  • Fill scrapbooks and photo albums
  • Paint with inks and watercolors
  • Continue Bible journaling with renewed commitment
  • Change the sheets more often
  • Have video calls with friends and family (even though they have always lived hours away)
  • Learn to barber a man’s head, just one man’s head but still…
  • Plan meals and corresponding shopping trips
  • Stop using paper plates for most meals
  • Play tambourine and bongos with Sir Henry on the guitar
  • Sit on the patio more often
  • Introduce each other to our favorite movies
  • Make bread
  • Share family recipes
  • Practice deliberate kindness
  • Pray unceasingly

Monday, April 27, 2020

So many Thank you notes

So much gratitude, so little time. I have more blessings than I can count. 

I went "back to basics" a month ago and made a thank you card using rubber stamps by Stampin' Up, beautiful metallic paper from Anna Griffin, Memories brand ink, my Fiskars 12" cutter, and a bone folder. 

The result was this cleverly folded beach themed card.The pattern, as with all patterns in recent years, was found on Pinterest.

Sunday, April 12, 2020

I stopped Scrapping

Somewhere between collage art, visual journals, altered art and card making, my scrapbooks fell by the wayside. Scrapbooks, my legacy art, one of my favorite hobbies, just didn't seem as interesting to me and I stopped. I didn't stop meeting my creative friends for day long (occasionally weekend) retreats, I just stopped making scrapbooks.

one of my Project Life layouts from 2014, the year I began Project Life

My devotion to legacy art, my term for scrap-booking, hasn't ended. My commitment to cherishing memories remains strong. I continue to love collecting  actual scraps of paper from notebooks, tickets, lists, event programs and the bottom of desk drawers. Every person who knows me will confirm that I still adore taking photos.

Enter Project Life(tm). Project Life products are designed by Becky Higgins, a celebrity in the world of scrap-booking, to provide an easy and creative way to document your life. Her initial premise was to use "pocket pages" and create one page every week filled with photos and notes and souvenirs. 

I LOVED this idea. It felt like visual journaling and scrap-booking combined forces to be my new super hero. 

When I first tried Project Life I thought I'd do a page every week just like Becky suggested. Sadly, I didn't have the strength to meet the weekly goals. However, I quickly decided that this was the best way to preserve my memories and document my wonderful life. It moved my photos from the camera to the page with speed and creative freedom.

Naturally, I have found a way to make page creation last longer by writing loads of notes and by creating miniature works of art to go in at least one of the many available pockets. All in all, it's been a fun experience. I've been doing it since 2014 and I love it. 

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Witness to the Life of Bernice B. Chattin

One day when I had been living completely out of my parent’s home for about 3 years, I called my Mom at work in the middle of the day. When she answered the phone
I said, “You are awful.”
Without missing a beat, she said, “ok, why?”
I replied, “because even though I live away from you and there’s absolutely no way you would know about most of my actions and decisions I still can’t do anything without thinking what would Mom say to that? Or how would Mom do that?
She then said, “ well that settles it.”
Settles what?
“I’ve done my job right.”
And she did, she got it right.
Mom carried the tool box, the checkbook, and Comet brand cleaner in our family. And she managed them all very well.
She didn’t just get it right, she wanted my brother and I to get it right as well. As a part of that mission, she had, as most mothers, certain sayings, to lead us through the pathways of life—

That’s right, I’m about to tell you what Mamma always said:
·      Mamma said:
·      Never get a job where you have to get by on your looks, but always look the best for the job.

  • ·      You have to know the rules before you can break them.
  • ·      Chin up.
  • ·      There’s always something new to learn.
  • ·      Can’t never could
  • ·      The two things no one will ever take away from you are your family and your education.
    • o  Get as much of both as you can
  • ·      Stand up straight—it’s good for you, and people will think you know what you’re doing
  • ·      Brush the back of your hair—you want to be your best coming and going
  • ·      When someone says thank you—the proper response is, “you’re welcome.”
  • ·      Family is family and family is everything.

Mom didn’t just say these things, Mom did them. She led by example.
When she said there’s always something new to learn, she led by example she took classes all her life. She learned bookkeeping, oil painting, quilting, Disciple studies, writing memoirs and much more. She wanted David and I to learn as well.  In addition to academics she encouraged us to take dance lessons, music lessons, to visit museums and see plays.
In addition to the arts and academics, Mom insisted that David and I learn “real life” skills too. A few of the things she wanted us to learn were:

  • ·      Perfectly iron our clothes
  • ·      Set a formal table and eat at a formal table
  • ·      Change a tire
  • ·      Sew a button and a hem
  • ·      Both of us learned how to tie a man’s tie
  • ·      In the 70’s made sure we both took typing classes at a time when there were no computers—she said we could type our own papers in college and always have an office job to fall back on…Little did she know that computer keyboarding would take over the world and we never skipped a beat when it did...
  • ·      Follow a recipe and cook a couple of basic meals
  • ·      Swim the length of the pool
  • ·      Write a Thank You note

The most important thing Mom taught us, by far, was that family is family and family is everything. In our core family, Mom was fierce. She could have taught mother tigers a thing or two about protecting her cubs.

However family, for Mom, was a very big word. And not just with my Daddy, brother, and me—with Mom, Family was a big word.
 Family means first every cousin and then cousins twice removed. It meant nieces and nephews, great-great nieces and nephews. Most people cannot even name their relations this far removed, much less visit with them and know all about their lives.
And then there was the family she claimed as family. Friends we’ve welcomed in to our homes since the over the decades up until she died who have visited with her and with us often enough to tell you the layout of our homes over the years and possibly even the softness of the mattresses.

Like Daddy, she’s been “right there” for many of you, yet not like Daddy at all. She didn’t officiate the weddings, funerals, and christenings but she made sure the reception went well, she was the first to hand you a tissue, a bobby pin, a safety pin, or an ink pen.
Always with style, always with grace, and always with a hug.

Mom wasn't just Mom, Mom was Bernice.
My step-son asked me once why I sometimes said Bernice and sometimes Mom. I explained that she was more than a Mom, she was a force of nature, she was fierce, she was a presence.
My brother David and I had a saying for when we were going to have to tackle something challenging get something done—whether it is was a petition, a fund raiser, a traffic ticket, a waiting list or a cause that needed to be championed—we’d say, “We’re going to have to go Bernice on it.”
Today is a celebration. We celebrate my Mom, we celebrate Bernice.
I’ll always know what she would say or how she would do it. We can all be inspired by the way she lived every day with her chin up. This settles it. She’s done her job right.