Thursday, March 10, 2011

Taking a bite out of this blooming pain

Leave it to an abscess tooth to sideline me for a few days...The art really helps keep my mind off the pain and the feeling that I'm "wasting" time. Since I'm fighting an infection with antibiotics and some medicine for the pain--my clarity levels tend to fade in and out.

I've been trying to work and take care of family things, but the term completion is not one that comes to mind when reviewing my progress.  Every step seems to take hours. My journal pages are distorted and without charm--but the bottom line is that they keep flowing and I keep healing.

Instead of posting my current productivity (using the term loosely) I'm putting up links to my last fascination--Paper Flowers.

Here's the recent article published on Helium:

See the web page tutorial here:


First attempts just from scallops.

Original supplies--scalloped circles cut from dictionary pages.
The lolipop is for motivaiton. -grin

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Norma Anne's Studio Tour
The fabulous Lynn Barwald of Lucky Charm Crafts editied my studio video --here's the latest version.

If you have a strong stomach you can visit the fine mess before this transformation.

The web site has the scrapbook pages of the orginal studio  before it overwhelmed me.

I trust that I will have evertything I need when I need it.