Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Image Overload--Home from Virginia

Yikes, I'm away for a few days and apparently there were massive technical advancements because I hate to admit that I could forget so much in so little time....I train people constantly to write their blog posts in Word and then copy and paste. Did I do that this time? Of course not. Did I lose a post that took 45 minutes to compose? You bet I did! -growl-

Short synopsis from memory:

  • Loved visiting family and attending reunion. See photo link below for more.

  • Such a funny experience to look around a room full of people at a party, think you know someone, and then realize you know them all from 25 years ago....

  • Indicators were amazing, apparently musical talent holds up as well as college degrees.

  • Publishing two "before" photos that match one "after" photo and then a photo from the band because I loved them. More photos on my web site: http://www.nachattin.com/VAtrip1008.html

  • Also NEW on the homepage--a blog feed is there now for easy viewing. You will still have to come here for archived portions, but the latest posts with active links are there.

  • Coming soon to this very blog: More creative arts and adventures with Norma Anne & Henry. My pups are each nestled against on of my feet as I type. I'm glad I got to go and even happier to be home. I'll be posting topics like invitations, holiday cards, and, of course, more wedding and honeymoon scrapbook pages.

  • There are so many old friends that I connected with or reconnected with and I'm truly grateful. Please email me and stay in touch. I really meant it when I invited you to visit us--we truly love having old friends come and stay a while.

  • From my brother to Bridget and Sharon to Gary and and Charlotte to Dr Bob to the Intrepid Andrew Cain and the others I didn't see (yes, I even mean you and I do remember you), please know that I couldn't walk across the campus without thinking of you and smiling.
  • To Linda Gibson--you are a star in my life dear woman, thanks for getting in touch.
  • Oh, and by the way, I did yell to bring back Jim McGuire, but it's just not the same with only one voice....smile.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

When the photos pile up--sketch them away

Stretch with a Sketch

I love sketches for many reasons. A sketch along with a select group of papers and elements can I love sketches for many reasons. A sketch along with a select group of papers and elements can streamline the process of creating scrapbook pages. Sketches are my crutch when I have more photos than I can envision scrapping within the next 10 years...wry smile

Sketches provide the scrapbook artist with boundaries yet they enhance and stretch your design skills at the same time. I often create sketches on 3" square sticky notes--just a rough idea of placement that works as a guide for what I want on the page. However, when gifted with an overwhelming number of photos, I resource the professionals.

There are plenty of sources for sketches in magazines, books, and online. One of my favorite spots is the Gettin Sketchy blog http://gettinsketchy.blogspot.com/ for sketch artists. Most often, I cruise through their entries and use one from months past to jump start my pages, however, this month I actually used the current sketch to make my two page layout. I'm even entering this in their monthly contest.

Check out their blog and give sketches a try yourself. Plus, as an added bonus, they have cool music playing if you keep the blog open.

About these layouts

These two pages utilize the same sketch which I flipped to fit the direction of photos. I've been using another "photo overload" tool which is keeping the majority of supplies within a single product line and color scheme. I used K and Company papers from a tablet along with textured card stock from WorldWin papers, Stickles glitter glue, and green vellum. Sakura pens were used for journaling and Ranger's Adirondack Ink was used for distressing. Rub-ons were from a little word book by Art Warehouse. Tools included the Wizard for the circle die cuts and the EK Success paper crimper. My wonderful friend Lynn Barwald made the title words with her klick-n-kut tool. The world is so much brighter when you have friends, isn't it?

There are always a few things the scans don't show and these two layouts are no exception. The glitter that came on some of the papers and that was added on others barely shows. I love my glitter so you can be sure there's more there than you can see. The other thing I did that I hadn't done in a long time was cut out portions of the photos and layering to make 3-D areas on several photos. Since these layouts were about food on the cruise, I popped out the food in three photos.

Tons of photos

I am the proud owner of almost 500 photos from Aug. 2-Aug 11. We had a great wedding and honeymoon and we both love to take and view photos. The professional wedding photos from Palm Beach Photography are still up and available for viewing at http://www.palmbeachphotography.printroom.com/event.asp?domain_name=palmbeachphotography&group_id=19 I haven't posted a link in a few weeks so I thought I'd move that to the top. Tonya and her staff gave us some wonderful views of our special day as part of the CBS 12 Dream Wedding. If you need a talented and cool photographer, I recommend her wholeheartedly.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Deeper Meaning Pages

Dear Halloween Fairy God Mother,

This year I want dress as a 19-year old lady of the evening. I know, it’s not good to glamorize a profession that is usually demeaning for women, but it’s only make believe and I wonder what I would do with that look and this spirit. I’ll gladly turn back into the 40-something, slightly overweight, wrinkle cream wearing, fabulous cook, gifted artist, currently unemployed, loving newlywed that we know and love today. But just for one night, this is the costume I want.

(click photos to enlarge)

Pumpkin carriage, magical mice, and Leslie Ann Warren’s singing voice not required.

I’m about to embark on a 12,000 mile journey to attend my 25-year college reunion. The reunion has put me into a reflective frame of mind. I’m so glad I am who I am and I fully appreciate that the choices I made in college have had a tremendous impact on today’s Norma Anne. I haven’t keep a lot more than photos and journals from my college days, but the one thing I do still have is that leopard print backless dress from the photo you see. And just in case you haven’t known me over 20-years, yes that is me….

The gentleman with me, affectionally known as Mr. Last Laugh, went on to graduate law school and is living and working successfully in New England. I"m not sure if he'd want more information than that released, but if he's reading this I send my genuine affection. He's certainly made doing laundry more enjoyable over the years....

College was one of the most intense times of my life. After years of “thurapy” and the proper medications, we now see clearly that the intensity of my experience was directly related to the fact that I was Bi-Polar I living without diagnosis or treatment. Before you run and change your phone numbers or email address and lock your doors, I’ll just qualify that I have been in treatment since 1995 and I am the poster child for taking your medications—even when those medications have to be tested and tired and changed four times a year to be effective.

I’m actually grateful for the diagnosis and even the disorder because it has allowed me to do some magnificent things, passionately love some incredible people, and draw closer to my Creator. My only regrets are the relationships I couldn’t maintain and the people I hurt or neglected in process of understanding my mental health.

Deeper Meaning Pages
What does all this have to do with a creative arts blog you ask? Well, journaling and scrapbooking have been an incredible outlet for healing in my life. Creating what I call my “Deeper Meaning Pages” (yes, this is a class I’ve taught repeatedly and is available currently—just email me) has been a lifeline for me.

The page shown here is called “Still” and it shows my senior college photo from 1983. We were able to choose a quote and mine came from Alexander Pope, “Woman’s at best at contradiction still…” The journaling muses over how obvious it is now that I lived at both emotional poles then. I have resolved that, still, I am grateful for the path I was given.

When you scrapbook and take photos, don’t let them all be sugar-coated memories. Explore and understand that who you are now will always relate to who you were then and who you will be tomorrow. Blessings to you from me and Sheena of Jungle circa 1981.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Just Do It

I have written at least three posts in Word for my blog and I have the greatest of intentions, however, posting has just not happened. So, I'm starting fresh with today....

I've had the glorious pleasure of being a part of a Pine Cone Press Book club that meets at the home of the talented Lynn Barwald. http://www.barwald.com/luckycharmcrafts.htm This group is really fun and for a while I was whipping out those monthly projects quite regularly. Then I slipped "off the wagon" and I have several unfinished kits in my studio. However, just like posting to the blog, I can only begin again from today. -wry smile-

Last month's project was a darling mini album featuring snowmen die cuts and papers. I've already forgotten the paper maker, and the paper really makes the kit. However, in the spirit of not letting anything get in the way again I will simply post the photos of the album and....drum roll please....I actually sat and used up the scraps to make cards and gift tags when I was done! I love it when it works....
As usual, you can click on the photos to enlarge. The out of box experience for me on the book was leaving white on the pages in the album. Normally I would stamp background images and ink liberally, but I really wanted to test myself and keep some space true white. The sample didn't even have much ink around the edges and I couldn't resist that part, but I did leave the white. I think this album will be a holiday gift for a special family that might read my blog so I won't divulge any more.--wink---
Speaking of gifts....what are you making this season? I've recently lost my cool job with the tutoring company which means the budget for gifts has decreased but the time for making them has increased so I'm sure it will all work out. I'm trying to come up with some "stash friendly" ideas and would love to hear about your adventures. I'm also curious to know about the best hand made gifts you've ever received, that would be inspiring.